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Vivid Reign is an independent music label based in Miami created by Airic (artist/producer/philanthropist) – "I chose the words Vivid and Reign as a phrase to remind you to visualize the feeling of what success means to you, then remain in that state of mind until it becomes your reality...stay vivid." – Airic


Airic™ LogoTHE ARTIST:
Rapper, songwriter, producer and philanthropist – Airic isn't the typical dominican-raised Miami-bred artist. Born March 5th, 1990 from a diverse corner of South Miami, West Kendall, a dominantly hispanic middle-class suburb home to peers like Pouya and Stitches; the "Zone" vocalist isn't what you'd expect from the number one party city of the world. With melodically mellow laid-back flows on bass-heavy trap beats, the lyrical content is poetically passionate as he reminisces on past heartbreaks, future aspirations and details his socially conscious perspective on the world. He released a couple self-produced singles in 2017 like "Zone" and "I Owe Me" after his debut 2016 mixtape "Deja Vu" – then a brief hiatus lasted nearly two years before his latest song, "Clock In", produced, written, recorded, mixed and mastered himself and distributed under his own independent label – Vivid Reign™. Stay tuned for Airic's revamped campaign touring and speaking as an activist music artist.

To become an independent music label financially able to fund effective philanthropy projects that provide practical solutions to free sustainable-living worldwide as an eternal positive influence on society and Hip-Hop culture. We're focused on improving the quality of life for our fans and their hometowns.